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What is Sex Swing Sling?

A sex swing (also known as a sling) is a type of harness designed to allow sexual intercourse between one partner suspended by the swing and another who moves freely. Though there is considerable variety in the design, the most common sex swings have a support for the back, another for the buttocks, and stirrups for each leg, which can be adjusted whilst the user is suspended. A sex swing or sling is designed to assist in sexual activity.

The main purpose of sex swings is to make sexual intercourse more exciting and effortless. A sex swing may enable greater freedom of movement during intercourse or assist with challenging sex positions. Swings may be used for vaginal and anal sex, fellatio, and cunnilingus.

Sex swings can enable individuals with a physical impairment or disability to enjoy a wide range of sexual activities. Individuals with muscular weakness or arthritis may use a sex swing to reduce the strain on affected muscles or joints.[citation needed] Individuals who use a wheelchair can engage in sexual activity using a sex sling suspended from a hoist.

It is important to follow the provided instructions when using a sex swing. Secure mounting is vital to avoid injury to the suspended partner from falling. The use of toggle bolts, such as would be used to hang a dreamcatcher, is not appropriate. Installing springs, if supplied, is important to reduce physical shock to the suspended partner caused by rapid deceleration when bouncing in a sex swing.



Made of thick latigo leather with layered support straps.
It comes with a set of leather stirrups, plush leather pillow, and D-rings.
The sling is 37 1/2 inches long, 23 inches wide at the top, and 15 inches wide at the base
Note: The sling is hung from above using four ropes or chains of your choosing (not Included).


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