Top Quality Custom Made Utility kilts, we are specializing in creating custom made Utility kilts for men and women. Like the kiltmakers of old, we handcraft our kilts from the finest of materials.

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    Designed for hard wear, this kilt comes in seven different lengths and is made from the heavy-duty cotton drill. The fabric can withstand a hard day of labor or a fierce rugby tackle, but it also looks fashionable when you take to the streets. The design of the Black Fashion Kilt includes three flap pockets that are properly reinforced to make them extra strong. In these deep pockets, you can easily stow basic tools, keys, a wallet and a cellphone. To add to the look of this modern cotton kilt, the design includes antique metal buttons, fittings, and chains. The all-black color coordinates with everything and each pleat has a full swing for maximum mobility. This kilt comes in a variety of waist sizes and lengths, so it's completely made to measure.